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Volkswagen Group achieves 18.1 percent growth in worldwide deliveries for period to May 2010

11.06.2010 12:40
• All volume brands show clear positive trend • Group Board Member for Sales Klingler: “High growth rates as a result of special effects – 2010 remains a challenging year”

The Volkswagen Group continues to enjoy positive sales development. A total of 2.94 (January to May 2009: 2.49)* million vehicles were sold in the first five months of the year 2010. This corresponds to growth of 18.1 percent. In the month of May, the Group sold 604,200 (556,500, +8.6 percent) vehicles.

"So far, the comparatively high growth rates on the world's automotive markets and for the Volkswagen Group are the result of special effects such as the very weak basis in the relevant prior-year period. Thanks to its convincing model range, Volkswagen is currently reaping greater than average benefits from very good demand on important markets such as China and the USA," Christian Klingler, the Group Board Member for Sales, commented in Wolfsburg. "However, this trend does not allow us to draw any conclusions about further developments. 2010 remains a challenging year for the automotive industry," Klingler emphasized.

Growth on all relevant markets - Asia-Pacific Region booms

In China, Volkswagen's largest market, the Group delivered 777,800 (524,600) vehicles during the period January to May, a rise of 48.2 percent. Deliveries in India doubled to 13,500 (6,600; +104.3 percent) units. Growth for the Asia-Pacific Region as a whole ran at 47.6 percent. In addition, Europe's largest automaker reported a rise of 34.8 percent on the South African market, with 29,400 (21,800) vehicles sold.

In the USA, the Volkswagen Group enjoyed gratifyingly high growth during the first five months of the year with deliveries of 145,500 (109,000) units representing an increase of 33.5 percent. In Europe, the Group delivered 1.42 (1.34; +6.5 percent) million vehicles. Growth on the markets in Western Europe in particular was strong: 121,500 (84,100; +44.5 percent) vehicles were delivered in Spain and 174,900 (132,300; +32.2 percent) units in the UK.

In Germany, the downturn on the overall market resulting from the effects of last year's scrapping premium continued as expected (-28 percent). The Volkswagen Group performed significantly better than the market, with deliveries only declining by 12.0 percent to 436,900 (496,800) units.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand grows worldwide deliveries

Volkswagen, the core brand, delivered 1.86 (1.57) million vehicles during the first five months, representing an increase of 19.1 percent. Here, too, deliveries rose on almost all markets worldwide. In China, the largest single market, 619,700 (434,500; +42.6 percent) units had been delivered by the end of May. In terms of Volkswagen models, the Golf remained the undisputed leader with worldwide deliveries totaling 278,200 (228,200; +21.9 percent), followed by the Polo with 225,200 (176,400; +27.7 percent) units. The Jetta, Santana and Lavida are particularly popular in China.

Audi, Škoda and SEAT also report significant gains

From January to May, Audi delivered 455,700 (374,500; +21.7 percent) vehicles to customers worldwide. The Ingolstadt-based company reported an increase of 14.6 percent for the month of May, delivering 94,900 (82,800) units. Growth was particularly strong in the regions of South America (+79.8 percent) and Asia-Pacific (+58.9 percent). In China, the premium brand sold 88,500 (53,600; +65.0 percent) units. Worldwide demand for models such as the Audi A4 saloon, the A6 saloon and the A3 Sportback was particularly high.

The Škoda brand delivered 307,400 (263,800; +16.6 percent) vehicles in the period to May. The company grew deliveries on the Chinese market by 90.9 percent to 69,000 (36,100) units. In Western Europe, the brand reported an increase of 71.8 percent in the UK and 65.4 percent in Spain. Deliveries also rose on the brand's home market of the Czech Republic, increasing by 20.9 percent to 24,700 (20,400) units. In terms of vehicles, the Octavia model series enjoyed high growth. The Yeti, a Škoda newcomer, performed better than expected, with deliveries of some 21,000 units.

SEAT also reported growth worldwide, delivering 147,600 (137,600; +7.2 percent) vehicles. The brand's models were particularly popular on the home market of Spain, where 44,900 (30,700; +46.4 percent) vehicles were delivered, and in countries such as the UK, where 15,000 (11,000; +36.4 percent) customers purchased a new SEAT. In terms of model series, the Alhambra and the Exeo Sport Tourer were among the leaders.

* excluding Scania, including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trucks and Buses for January and February 2010

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