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Volkswagen Group starts 2010 with strong rise in deliveries

16.02.2010 14:35
Group deliveries grow 41.3 percent in January • Volkswagen core brand up by 46.2 percent • Group Board Member for sales Klingler: “Successful start, but expect year to be very difficult”

The Volkswagen Group started 2010 with robust unit sales growth, delivering 538,500 vehicles to customers in January (January 2009: 381,100; +41.3 percent)*. Compared with the overall world market (+22.3 percent), the Group therefore holds a significant edge over its competitors. One of the main reasons for the good performance is the young and environmentally-friendly model range. The low level of deliveries in the weak month of January 2009 was also a contributory factor in the strong rise.


"We are very pleased with the successful start to the year. It shows we are excellently positioned with our model range. But this good performance must not lead us to underestimate the challenges that lie ahead in 2010. The situation on international automotive markets remains tense," Christian Klingler, Group Board Member for Sales, commented. "However, there are still extremely dynamic markets such as China, where we intend to benefit from an above-average share of the expected positive trend thanks to our strong market position," Klingler added.


High rise in deliveries in Germany

In Germany, the Group brands delivered 71,800 (53,300; +34.6 percent) vehicles in January, of which the Volkswagen core brand sold 44,100 passenger cars (29,500; +49.5 percent) on its home market. The Škoda brand was also very successful, growing deliveries by 73.2 percent to 8,000 (4,600) units. Audi reported an increase, too, with deliveries rising by 9.3 percent to 11,700 (10,700) units. "The aftereffects of the scrapping premium brought yet another boost in January. This trend will however tail off quite sharply during the year, although we intend to continue to grow our market share," Klingler said.


Clearly positive trend in the USA and China

In the USA, the Group reported gratifyingly high growth of 40.1 percent in January, delivering 24,600 (17,600) vehicles. This meant the company performed appreciably better than the overall market (+6.3 percent). The number of vehicles sold by the Volkswagen Group in China again rose significantly during the first month of the current year, almost doubling compared with January 2009 to 166,900 deliveries (83,900; +98.8 percent).

The Group brands sold 242,800 (183,100) vehicles on the overall European market in January, a marked increase of 32.6 percent, with the rise in Western Europe even higher, running at 39.1 percent, or 218,900 (157,400) units.

In contrast, Group deliveries in Russia were down on the previous year at 5,100 (6,600; -22.3 percent), but the Group nevertheless fared significantly better than the overall Russian market (-35.8 percent).


Volkswagen Passenger Cars makes exemplary start to the year

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand made an excellent start to the year: The core brand sold 359,300 (245,800; +46.2 percent) vehicles worldwide in January. The Golf was by far the most popular Volkswagen model, with global deliveries amounting to 45,600 (29,300; +55.8 percent) units, followed by the Polo with 40,200 (22,000; +82.8 percent) units. The brand reported a strong rise in China, the largest individual market, where 135,200 (70,300; +92.4 percent) units were delivered.


High growth rates for Audi, Škoda and SEAT in January

Audi defended its position in January, selling 77,800 (56,100, +38.6 percent) vehicles worldwide. The brand from Ingolstadt delivered 16,800 (7,800; +114.9 percent) units in China, the strongest market. The bestselling model was the A4 sedan, with 15,400 (9,200; +66.0 percent) units delivered.


The Czech brand Škoda delivered 54,100 (35,000) vehicles worldwide in January, representing an increase of 54.5 percent. The brand reported strong growth in China, delivering 14,700 (5,800; +154.7 percent) vehicles there. The most popular model was the version of the Octavia limousine specially equipped for the Chinese market. Furthermore, the brand grew deliveries in the Czech Republic to 4,200 (3,000; +39.7 percent).


SEAT deliveries were also pleasing. The Spanish brand sold 24,300 (19,800; +22.9 percent) vehicles during the first month of the current year and was particularly successful on the volume markets in Western Europe. On its home market Spain, SEAT delivered 6,300 (5,000; +25.6 percent) units. The Ibiza is currently the most successful vehicle, with the company delivering 12,700 (11,300; +12.2 percent) units worldwide.


* excluding Scania, including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trucks and Buses for January/February 2009

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