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Shareholders General Meeting July 8, 2009

27.07.2009 15:25
Under the chairmanship of Silvano Pedretti, director of Orco Property Group, the Shareholders in their General Meeting renewed their confidence in the management team of the Group by a strong majority.

Resolutions for the renewal of the terms of office of the company directors and the appointment of board members were adopted with almost 80% of the votes.


The new Board of Directors of Orco Property Group, enlarged and enriched with the expertise of its new members, now consists of 14 directors:


  • 5 members representing the management of the group: Jean-François Ott, Nicolas Tommasini, Ales Vobruba, CEREM S.A* and Ott&Co S.A*
  • 6 independent members: Silvano Pedretti, Guy Wallier, Pierre Cornet, Bernard Kleiner, Alexis Juan, Robert Coucke.
  • 3 members representing the shareholders: a reprentative of Geofin a.s (controled by Martin Burda) and 2 representatives of the Prosperita investment fund.


Jean-François Ott, Chairman and CEO of Orco Property Group said: "Thanks to the support of our shareholders, the management team is more than ever dedicated and committed to fulfil successfully its operational and financial restructuring plan within the period of sauvegarde. We are glad to welcome the new members to the board of Orco Property Group, their skills and expertise will be strong advantages to assure the success of our Group".


Contact France
Nicolas Tommasini
Tel : 33 1 40 67 67 00
Contact Prague


In the Czech Republic
Petra Zdenkova
Tel: +420 226 502 256


* represented by Jean-François Ott

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