RM-SYSTÉM»Události»Mercedes-Benz Group sold 2,491,600 vehicles in 2023 (+1.5%)

Mercedes-Benz Group sold 2,491,600 vehicles in 2023 (+1.5%)

18.01.2024 13:34

Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 2,043,800 units in 2023 as demand for superior products resulted in a rise of Mercedes-Maybach (+19%), G-Class (+11%) and Mercedes-AMG (+4%) to 328,200 Top-End Vehicles last year. An additional 60,000 V-class and EQV models were sold in 2023. In Q4 sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars reached 514,000 units, despite constrained product availability and included a 17% rise in Top-End Vehicles quarter-on-quarter.

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